viernes, 28 de noviembre de 2008


Canciones que atravesaron instantes en la noche, cubrieron espacios con tranquilidad, desprendieron asombro y una que otra sonrisa; canciones que hicieron posible la meditación, bañaron la órbita de una leve melancolía y perfumaron las existencias que se encuentran tatuadas por los sonidos intergalácticos de formas tales que ya no son las mismas. Esta es un lista seleccionada por FOSA ORBITAL, no exhaustiva ni menos definitiva, de aquellos temas que dejan huella, que tatúan el 2008 y abren el porvenir de la música.
Tags: Glitch-Music, Laptop-Folk, Indie-Pop, Post-Rock, Ambient, Dubstep, Soul, Experimental, IDM, Avant-Pop,...

Apparat - Holdon (Modeselektor Remix). Things To Be Frickled. 2008
Balkan Beat Box - Digital Monkey (Cheffy Chef Remix). Nu Made (Remixes). 2008
Alva Noto - u_08-1 . Unitxt. 2008
Nitin Sawhney - Shadowland (feat. Ojos de Brujo). London Undersound. 2008
Autechre - 90101-5l-l. Quaristice. 2008
Bird Show - green vines. Untitled. 2008
Butcher The Bar - you know everything. Sleep At Your Own Speed. 2008
Electric President - ether. Sleep Well. 2008
Grand Archives - breezy no breezy. The Grand Archives. 2008
Headhunter - technopolis. Nomad. 2008
Hector Zazou & Swara - zannat. In The House Of Mirrors. 2008
Juana Molina - un día. Un Dia. 2008
Peter Broderick - with the notes in my ears. Home. 2008.
Pivot - sweet memory (clark remix). In The Blood EP. 2008.
Populous With Short Stories -raimondo. Drawn In Basic. 2008.
Praveen & Benoit - death as a man. Songs spun simla EP. 2008
Fennesz - grey scale. Black sea. 2008
Reefer - let it go (flying lotus remix). The Life Narcotic. 2008
Shugo Tokumaru - button. Exit 2008
Silje Nes - escape. Ames Room 2008
Boom Clap Batchelors - combiner. Secret Love Vol. 5. 2008
Tape - beams out. Luminarium. 2008
The Boats - the boats can't save you now. Faulty Toned Radio. 2008
The Drift - i had a list and i lost it. Memory Drawings. 2008
Matthew Herbert - pontificate. There's Me And There's You 2008
Melpo Mene - kling klack clock. Bring The Lions Out. 2008
Stee Downes - destruction of oureselves. All In A Day. 2008.
The Young Gods - gasoline man. Knock On Wood - The Acoustic Sessions. 2008
Tzolk'In - kumk'u.... Haab' 2008
Ursula Bogner - pulsation. Recordings 1969-1988. 2008
Beach House - some things last a long time. Devotion. 2008
Anders Ilar - tomorrow never came - Sworn. 2008
Barry Lynn - something with m in it. Balancing Lakes. 2008
Broad Way - night lights . Enter The Automaton. 2008
Chris Dooks - the salmon. The Aesthetic Animals. 2008
Jacaszek - walc. Treny. 2008
Kangding Ray - époque. Automne Fold. 2008
Lau Nau - lue kartalta. Nukkuu. 2008
Matmos - rainbow flag. Supreme Balloon. 2008
Naoki Kenji - area unexplored (with climatic). Less Ordinary. 2008
Brazilian Girls – strangeboy. New York City. 2008
Camille - cats and dogs. Music Hole. 2008
Gustav - verlass die stadt. Verlass die stadt. 2008
Stereolab - neon beanbag. Chemical Chords Digipak. 2008
Calexico - two silver trees. Carried To Dust. 2008
Goldfrapp - cologne cerrone houdini. Seventh Tree. 2008
Tujiko Noriko – opening. Trust. 2008
Fab Samperi + dj Farrapo - spaghetti samba. Brazilectro Vol. 10. 2008
Gecko Turner - 45.000$ (guapa pasea Remix) Manipulado. 2008
Bitter:Sweet - a moment. Drama. 2008
Club Des Belugas - its a beautiful day. Swop. 2008
Jamie Lidell – multiply. Multiply. 2008
Fitisound - kara kopru dubliktir. Psychobydub: oriental vibes 2. 2008
Mauricio Alvarez – soledad. Cooperatif vol. 1. 2008

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Faulty Toned Radio is the best album of which are outlined in your blog.

congratulations on such an excellent compilation.


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las bajare todas muchachos...

muy buen gusto musical